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Rick Waldron

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Rick Waldren has been writing PHP since he was in high school in the 90s. Rick has worked on an extensive list of enterprise web applications and is currently developing for, where he recently launched Diet1 mobile text messaging service. He plays bass in Chainsaw Disasters and starts every morning with a bottomless cup of coffee and a pack of Marlboro Mediums. Rick currently resides in Brighton, MA.

Rick's Articles:

Introducing GenevaJS

By Rick Waldron

Rick waldron walks us through the first set of functions in the upcoming Javascript meta library for using Prototype and jQuery together. Read more …

Custom Attributes

By Rick Waldron

Rick Waldron explores the semantic and procedural benefits of custom HTML tag attributes in JavaScript applications as he passes through Connecticut on his way down to New York. Read more …

Rick's Comics:

Open Source Debugger

By Rick Waldron

open source debugger

Black Hole Kills Programmer

By Rick Waldron

collider black hole

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