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Music —

Go Back Where We Began?

Twice Monthly Mixtape by Jesse Alejandro

Can We Go Back Where We Began? Karl gives out samples and Protools files newest album for download, and Jesse reviews of this jazz-infused, mutli­farious Brooklyn-based band. Read | Download Album

Network —

Turing Test & Machine Intelligence

This Month in Network By Dylan Thuras

In its 58 years of existence, the Turing test has never been passed— Read more …

Intellectual Property Act 2008

This Month in Network By Justina White

The Pro-IP Act provides the freshly-minted IP Czar with— Read more …

Code —

PHP Photo Uploader

This Month in Code by Thomas Steinmetz

PHP Photo Uploader Thomas Steinmetz shows us how to create a simple photo uploader with basic permissions for different users and gallery using php and lightbox js. Read more …

Feature —

Mapping Cyberspace Onto Actual Space

November 4th 2008 By Keith Hendershot

Mapping Cyberspace Onto Actual Space

I have the sense that when around an iPhone user, I'm already in the presence of someone with nascent superiority––one who has jumped the evolutionary bell curve via network and become exponentially more functional than me and my thrashed-out Razr. I see the owners recording a random snippet of Salsa Muzak in a Mexican restaurant and identifying the track, Twittering their activities in media res, locating a bakery in Manhattan (not by only it's proximity, but by the customer-reviewed quality of it's cupcakes), and otherwise doing things that would have seemed God-like ten years ago, and I get the polymer meat-scintering smell of, well, proto-transhumanism.

This is hyperbole is, of course, fueled by resentment at my own inability to afford a search engine in my pocket coupled with a late night movie geek's dread of all futures dystopian. In a recent Atlantic Monthly article, Bruce Sterling described the iPhone as a Digital Age analogue to the Leatherman Multi-Tool. Like a Leatherman, it aspires to be an all-in-one item––an Ultimate Object––co-opting every possible application and device into its shiny, black carapace.

However, at the moment it is a sloppy beta-generation gizmo––an amalgam of widgetry so wonderful that, like a Leatherman, no one can really get their head around its complete usefulness. Like the Google search engine itself, the new GPhone's open source potential gifts itself prematurely into the hands of hominids whose basal ganglia fused in the 20th century. I mean, does anyone really take advantage of the fullest possibilities of Google?

The new smartphones seem like an overture to the emerging promises of Mobile Augmented Reality Applications, wireless nomadism, and RFID-tagged geolocative "spimes," set to enfold complex aspects of our material world into an interconnected digital Pangea.

If science fiction is any barometer of the changing nature of tomorrow, there's been some fundamental shift in the concepts and shape of the formless, yet omniscient, digital realm.

In 1990's, philosophers, writers, and theorists glommed onto the word "cyberspace" as a way of conceptualizing and giving shape to formless, disparate, yet encroaching developments in telecommunications and digital technologies. The word was coined in the early 1980's by William Gibson to describe the VR network connecting the world of his seminal novel Neuromancer. Read more …

Tech —

Android Google Phone From T-Mobile

This Month in Tech by Dick Clark

Android Google Phone From T-Mobile Dick Clark hasn't put his G1 down for 12 days. Read his review of the first Android phone, from HTC and T-Mobile. Read more …

Video Blogging —

National Video web log Posting Month

This Month in Video Blogging by Ryanne Hodson

National Video web log Posting Month Ryanne Hodson gears up for National Video web blog Posting Month 2008 (NaVloPoMo for those of you in the know). Read more …

Politics —

Obama Hippies

This Month in Politics by Jacob Perkins

Obama Hippies Jacob Perkins finds that his past life with Phish has much more in common with his present life on the Obama campaign than he would have ever imagined. Read more …

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