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Dylan Thuras

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Dylan Thuras

Dylan Thuras works predominately as an editor in documentary film and animation. His credits include editor of Rockin the Kremlin, a feature documentary about rock and roll behind the iron curtain, and animation assistant to Pes, a NY stop-motion director. Dylan recently spent a year living in Budapest and traveling throughout Eastern Europe in search of the esoteric, obscure, and wondrous, much of which is documented at the website He is currently working on a short documentary about wax anatomical models and the history of dissection. Dylan is also a contributor to the popular (currently offline being re-designed) and was the co-planner of the "First Annual Kircher Society Meeting" featured in the New Yorker magazine. He is currently working on a world atlas of curious sites and a graphic novel about the London beer flood of 1816.

Dylan’s Articles:

Of White Whales and Dark Energies

By Dylan Thuras

Featuring Cannibalism, Whale Attacks, Mustaches, Physics Jokes, Doughnuts, Sperm Jokes, Shrinking Space Men, the Weird History of the Ether, and Exploding Stars…

Turing Test & Machine Intelligence

This Month in Network By Dylan Thuras

Dylan Thuras introduces us to computer science great Alan Turing, the Turing test, and six Artificial Intelligence Entities that are trying to fool you into thinking they are human. Read more …

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