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Dick Clark

Dick Clark made his way to Boston from Louisiana by way of Alabama. He is a 2L at Suffolk Law, where he is the President of the Federalist Society, VP of the ACLU, and Opinion Editor of the school paper, Dicta. Dick was SysOp of a Birmingham, Alabama VBBS/Virtual Advanced BBS called The Ready Room from 1996 to 1998, and has gone by the handle "Jaeger" on BBSs, at hacker conventions, etc., since the early 1990s. He is a proselytizing anarcho-capitalist activist and active Wikipedia editor.

Dick's Articles:

Android Google Phone From T-Mobile

This Month in Tech by Dick Clark

Dick Clark hasn't put his G1 down for 12 days. Read his review of the first Android phone, from HTC and T-Mobile. Read more …

Your Presidential Choice

By Dick Clark Oct. 15th 2008

Dick Clark gives us a lesson in economics and why neither of the two candidates is actually the candidate for change. Read more …

Is Wikipedia Democratic?

By Dick Clark Oct. 1st 2008

Dick Clark’s crash course on Wikipedia and why a democratic encyclopedia should not be (and is not) the goal.
Read more …

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