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An interview with Joe Holt by Sam Clearman October 1st, 2008 Delicious

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A piping hot cup of Joe Holt

We got reknowned serial software developer Joe Holt on skype to talk about his latest project:; a new startup that is trying to shake up the crowded field of internet music delivery with a uniquely artist-centric approach.

“We so don't want to create a social networking site of this”

Their business model is to provide great tools, step back, and let the artists figure out the business model. Bandcamp was rapidly developed with Ruby and deployed using cloud computing platforms. I talked with Joe about lossless files, the cloud, and how to pronounce “ramaze.”

Bandcamp is clearly a company that “gets it:” they do what the do well, and don’t do anything else. For example, there is no index or search function in Bandcamp: music discovery isn’t their business.

“If you want to find the music, Go to google and go to bands sites, and hopefully you'll find music on those sites, and some of the music will be hosted by Bandcamp.”

And they understand that with the barrier to entry so low on the internet, only companies that truly put their users first will thrive in the long run: right now, for example, they don’t take a cut of music sales other than to cover the cost of the PayPal transaction.

This interview was a great opportunity to get some perspective on backend technology, application design, and business strategy from an entrepreneur at the top of his game.